ComiXology: third quarter 2014

So I just received an Excel spreadsheet for my third quarter 2014 sales through ComiXology Submit. Before, I just received checks with no knowledge of what was selling or how much. With this spreadsheet I know for sure, down to which country the order came from. Basically, in Q3 I sold over 1,700 books. To put this in perspective, I am almost sure (I haven’t done the math, but I don’t think I really need to) that in all my years of sitting at the APE I have not sold as many books as I have done in a single quarter through ComiXology. I have made more money in all the years doing the APE and other cons. That’s because all the sales go directly into my pocket. Yet if you factor in the cost of a table and travel, then that “profit” goes away. So while my sales through ComiXology may not be huge, for me they are significant. There is obviously a much more robust market for digital comics than exists for print comics at cons. At least for me.

As a coda, the same day I received the e-mail from ComiXology, I received an e-mail from a store to which I sent Carnivale on consignment informing me that no copies of Carnivale had sold. I think I know which distribution channel works best for me.