Yes, I did a comic about playing video games.

This is based on when I first played Marathon (1994 or 1995), specifically the level The Rose. I remember running through long dark hallways, desperate to keep the crew members alive, first seeing the hulks, running out of ammo, not being able to find a shield recharge, and then– I switched to map view and saw that the whole level was shaped like a rose.

I’m pretty sure I played the game on a Mac Performa.


This is the second four panel strip in the exercise/practice I’ve started based on Lynda Barry’s Syllabus. Converting from straight prose to comics is a challenge, especially within four panels. Prose has the possibility of being chatty (at least my prose is). You can really get into the thoughts of the narrator/character. While you can do this in comics, the space limitation makes it more difficult. And so comics force you to pare things down, focus on the essentials. Meanings have to be packed into small details. It’s more like poetry in that respect.