Month: February 2018

colored pencil and ink experiments

In my notebook, I’ve been playing around with colored pencil and ink. I tried sepia ink, but I like good old-fashioned black the best. The trick is to be sparing so it doesn’t overpower the image.

As always, my intent is to figure out how to use this for comics. I’ve had trouble scanning colored pencil in the past, but this was okay.


“Prayer” started out as a little poem that I worked up into a little comic. The deity is in gouache and the other colors are the linework recolored in Photoshop. I like using these little stories to play around.

I also put a link up to “Prayer” on the Comics page.


This is a short comic inspired by a few lines in a poem I read in Poetry. Everything is packed away right now, so I don’t have my notes on what poem or what issue.