Month: September 2018

Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White

For a long time I just used regular correction fluid when I wanted to correct my ink lines. But I didn’t like the lack of control nor the smell. I saw someone on-line recommend white gouache, so that became my choice for many years. While I like gouache, it usually takes more than one application to actually cover over the black ink entirely. And it doesn’t work so well with dip pens; I always had to apply it with a brush. For awhile now, I’ve seen mentions of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White and I finally broke down and decided to give it a try.

Dr Ph Martin's Bleed Proof White sample

It comes pretty thick. So a little water mixed in the top helps it flow better with a dip pen. But it works really well. It stays very white even after it’s fully dried. I’m still just starting out with it, but so far I’ve been very impressed. The only drawback I’ve seen with it is that while it goes on well over black ink, black ink doesn’t go on so well over it. The metal tines of the dip pen nib scrape the white, causing it to flake into the black ink. That said, this is definitely my current choice for fixing my ink work.

Holbein Special Black

For years, Speedball Super Black has been my favorite ink. I’ve just loved the way it flows, yet it has a tendency to bleed on certain papers. So every once in awhile I try another ink, like Yasutomo Ultra Black. But nothing flows as well as Super Black. Or so I thought.

I just moved recently and so have been trying out the local art stores. At one little store (Imagine Art Supplies) they had Holbein Special Black. So I decided to buy it and give it a try. I was immediately impressed. The ink has a similar flow to Super Black, but it allows a finer line. It’s less watery, which I think makes for the finer line but also allows it to remain crisp on more types of paper. But it’s not viscous like the Yasutomo inks tend to be. And Special Black is, unsurprisingly, very black. It is now my new favorite ink. (Of course I have a whole pint of Speedball Super Black to still get through…)

Holbein Special Black container

Another cool thing about the ink is its container. It comes encased in a plastic egg which twists apart. The top can be used as an inkwell or a reservoir for water. The bottom has a raised square section that fits into the bottom of the ink bottle and so makes it so that the bottle doesn’t move when you dip your pen into it. I love great design and this one is nice. Still, I prefer to use my own ink well. One, because I like it. And two, the opening to the Special Black bottle is quite narrow and so I end up getting ink on my nib holder of I dip directly into the bottle.

Holbein Special Black is not as easy to find as other inks, but there is this thing called “the internet” and maybe you can find someone who has a bottle for you. Again, I highly recommend this ink.

And here’s another recommendation by someone who creates comics, but a brush user. (though I disagree with him about Ph. Martin’s Black Star- too watery for me).