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little books from Latvia

As a birthday present to myself, I bought three volumes of the Baltic comics anthology, S!

I haven’t read through them all yet, but I love things like this. I love anthologies. I love international comics. So international comics anthologies are like my ice cream sandwiches. I lie in bed with them and rub them all over my body (as one does with ice cream sandwiches). The books themselves are only about 4 x 6″ and so are mini sized. They are also full color throughout and entirely in English. So we brutes in the U.S. can read them! You can order them using Paypal though the kus! site.

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current inspirations

Christophe Blain


Daisuke Igarashi




Taiyo Matsumoto

These are comics artists who I keep turning back to recently. Interestingly enough, there are no Americans here.

I also recently discovered two French artists whose work I’m eager to explore more.

Lareline Mattiussi
Stephane Oiry


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status update

I’m teaching two classes that I haven’t taught in awhile, which means I’m spending more time tweaking lesson plans and creating/rewriting overheads and handouts. But I’m still working on comics stuff.

Yes, there will be a book. I’m slowly converting the pages to print-ready files. I’m up to page 130. It’s a bit of a tedious process and involves much too much time staring at a computer screen.

I’m on to page 5 now. It may slow down a bit, because where I’m at in the pencils there is dialogue, which always takes me longer to get to sound right. Still, the pencils are way ahead of the finished pages and I’m flip-flopping between the two, which is an approach I am liking.

I had other stories that I was starting to pencil during the winter break, but with getting back to teaching, I’ve focused on just Carnivale and “Phantom.”

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sometimes ink flow is just the ink

For you pen-and-ink people, Scribblers has a good post about dealing with ink flow problems. Yet the post mentions nothing about the most common reason for ink flow problems that I experience: the ink itself. My drawing table is set up in a room with a lot of windows and so things can get hot. I find that after a day or two of heat, my ink doesn’t flow as well. The solution is to add some new ink to my well (I’ve been making my way through a 16oz. bottle of Super Black for the past few years). I’m guessing the heat evaporates some of the liquid from the ink, making it more viscous. The other solution is to add water, but that grays out the ink which kind of defeats the purpose of “super black.”

And since I’m posting links, I enjoyed this comic by Ryan Andrews: “The Tunnel.”

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