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“Phantom” page 19

I decided to stop using Tumblr to update this comic. I didn’t like the look of it there and I couldn’t change pages once I posted them. I’ve gone back and edited some of the dialogue and I wanted to post that. So I’m archiving this on my site where I have more control. Click on the page to get taken to the updated version of the story.


new page 28 for “Defrost”

Here’s page 28 from what I guess is the third draft of this story (or fourth, if one includes the thumbnail draft). The top two panels are from the second draft and the bottom four are from the first draft. Also, this is the new page 28 and the second draft was 28 pages total. So this draft is longer.

Also, the warehouse in here is the same one from Jack Face.

So maybe “Defrost” is a revision of Jack Face.