homoerotic he-man

The other day, I was imagining the Village People dressed up as Masters of the Universe characters. Just a normal mental musing for a Friday evening at the park. That thought lead me to the idea of Tom of Finland drawing MOTU. It’s not that much of a stretch really, seeing as the original MOTU characters were mostly burly men in loin cloths. I’ve always imagined doing a series of drawings or paintings of the MOTU characters and I have scribbled things in my notebook over the years. So I decided to channel Tom of Finland a bit and draw the main men of MOTU.

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3 Responses to homoerotic he-man

  1. nick says:

    Okay, as people have pointed out, maybe this drawing isn’t that homoerotic. I was just aping Tom of Finland’s bulging crotches and knowing grins, along with the musculature which was already a given with the MOTU characters. Part of my point is that these guys were pretty homoerotic to begin with.

    And… it was just another excuse to practice coloring.

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  3. Kid NOVA says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen waaay more homoerotic artworks but this is still a fun pic. :D

    Kid NOVA

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