APE 2013: day 1

I drove back home tonight, so I’m posting a mid-con report.

The APE opened its doors at 11 and closed them at 7. Yet the floor didn’t really start moving until 1 and it devolved into groups of art students hanging out and talking at around 5. That means that there was only really four hours of sales. Still, I’ve already made more on this first day of APE than I did the entire weekend last year. I’m out of Carnivale book 1 and the three copies of Defrost I had left. And yet again the mini business cards prove to be popular.

Overall, the APE is less of a comics show than the SPX. The APE has really become more of a San Francisco art student show. I get to see a lot of cool stuff, but I also yearn for a more comics specific venue.

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