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I have been comics artist my entire life, but began my first mini-comics in 1996. I use pen-and-ink to explore themes of art, gender, and relationships. I am particularly interested in the narratives we tell ourselves and what happens when those narratives are proven to be insufficient. I am also constantly curious about the comics form and am continually inspired to explore it.

In my other life, I am an educator with over twelve years of teaching in the classroom. I have spent most of my career helping community college students to write, read, and analyze critically. Currently I am working with middle and high school students.

I live in California with my wife and daughter where I train in Aikido and volunteer at a local state park.

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anthologies, journals, etc.
  • Icarus,” Nashville Review No.19, Spring 2016
  • “Mystery,” Fourteen Hills Vol.22 No.1, January 2016
  • “The Planner,” The Comic Eye, December 2007
  • “Kit Kaleidoscope and the Mermaid in the Jar,” Modern Tales: Longplay, April 2004
  • “Ghosts,” Legal Action Comics 2, September 2003
  • “Corn Flakes in the Bedsheets,” True Porn, August 2003
  • “Holiday Phone-Call,” Modern Tales: Longplay, June 2003
  • Sink, September 2017
  • Carnivale: a Kit Kaleidoscope Story, March 2014
  • Defrost, July 2012
  • Holiday Funeral, 1st ed: December 2006; 2nd ed: February 2008; 3rd ed: February 2012
  • Kit Kaleidoscope, 1st ed: April 2005; 2nd ed: October 2010
  • Litmus Test 1-13, from October 1996 to February 2004
  • Jack Face, July 1996




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