n i j o m u  is the web home of Nick Mullins.

I have been comics artist my entire life, but began my first mini-comics in 1996. I use pen-and-ink to explore themes of art, gender, and relationships. I am particularly interested in the narratives we tell ourselves and what happens when those narratives are proven to be insufficient. I am also constantly curious about the comics form and am continually inspired to explore it.

In my other life, I am an educator with over twelve years of teaching in the classroom. I have spent most of my career helping community college students to write, read, and analyze critically. Currently I am working with middle and high school students.

I live in California with my wife and daughter where I train in Aikido and volunteer at a local state park.

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anthologies, journals, etc.
  • Sink, September 2017
  • Carnivale: a Kit Kaleidoscope Story, 1st ed: March 2014; 2nd ed: September 2017
  • Defrost, July 2012
  • Holiday Funeral, 1st ed: December 2006; 2nd ed: February 2008; 3rd ed: February 2012
  • Kit Kaleidoscope, 1st ed: April 2005; 2nd ed: October 2010
  • Litmus Test 1-13, from October 1996 to February 2004
  • Jack Face, July 1996






  1. Chris Juricich

    Read your comic about how to do comics the right way. Rough. Hilarious…sorta. Very true. I’m 64 years old and never got a career going as a comics artist (sad for me, maybe) but I got mentioned a few times, professionals like Al Sprang, Kim Thompson, Will Eisner and others said they liked my storytelling, so that was gratifying (unless they were just bullshitting me, who knows) Still.

    So true what you say. Perhaps I’ll send you some recent pages I did for you to judge. I think I tell a decent story, the actual drawing has improved a helluva lot over the years, so. Curious as to your thoughts. Thanks for the link. Too many people see Rob Liefeld as successful and think ‘If his shit can get printed, my asshole smells like roses.’

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