This Wasn’t the Plan

This Wasn't the Plan coverThis Wasn't the Plan
November 2018
120 pages • full color

“A contemplative masterpiece.” -Peter Dabbene, Foreword Reviews

“Clever… poignant and… it kind of hurts." -Ashley Victoria Robinson, Major Spoilers

A collection of three stories about what happens when dreams don't match reality. "Phantom" is set in late 70s Las Vegas near Nellis Air Force Base and involves a young boy, Ken, who is on the cusp of adolescence. He decides to sneak into his parents' party, but the realities of adulthood turn out to be different than he expected. In "Defrost," Lucia has moved to the big city and intends to take the art world by storm, but things don’t go as planned. Her friend decides not to join her and her double-major seems to mean nothing. Yet rent must be paid and neighbors dealt with. And then there’s that thing in her fridge. "Sink" follows a writer whose preoccupation with his lack of success eats away at his marriage. One night, he sees Hermine, a woman who turns out also to be a writer. Interest turns to obsession, until he is confronted and forced to face reality. But fantasies never die; they just find a new outlet.

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