This Wasn't the Plan cover

This Wasn’t the Plan reviewed at Foreword Reviews

This is the text of the review by Peter Dabbene: Nick Mullins strikes a resonant emotional chord with the exquisite, melancholic storytelling of his graphic novel This Wasn’t the Plan. The book collects three stories—“Phantom,” “Defrost,” and “Sink”—that channel the inner voices of their disillusioned, disappointed, and dysfunctional characters. They include a boy who spies on his parents’ party and gets …

This Wasn't the Plan cover

This Wasn’t the Plan available on comiXology

This Wasn’t the Plan is a collection of three stories: “Phantom,” “Defrost,” and “Sink.” It will be in print in November, but you can get it now through comiXology: This Wasn’t the Plan has been reviewed by Foreward Reviews. Here are some excerpts from that review by Peter Dabbene: Mullins proves himself a master of delivering important information without …