Carnivale on Tabulit

Starting today, Carnivale: a Kit Kaleidoscope Story will be serialized weekly on Tabulit. If you don’t know, Tabulit is an online comics reading subscription service. It works a bit like Netflix; you pay a monthly rate and can view all the stuff you want. The artists get a cut of the monthly subscriptions. I serialized Carnivale here a few years …

My Experience with Ingram Spark

I’m not good at marketing. I’d rather just make my comics. But I do try. I’ve gone to conventions, taken ads out in The Comics Journal, and submitted work to various publishers and anthologies. None of it has done me much good, which, over the years, has just encouraged me to spend even less time on it. Still, I want …

“Prayer” at Tapas

“Prayer” started out as a little poem that I worked up into a little comic. The deity is in gouache and the other colors are the linework recolored in Photoshop. I like using these little stories to play around. I also put a link up to “Prayer” on the Comics page.