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new Carnivale pages 175-179

Yes, you read that right.

Back in April, I had an idea for how the sequence starting on page 175 of Carnivale should be revised. I had always felt that the original sequence was too small and short. But back in 2013 I was eager to finish the story, so I didn’t revise it. Well, seven years later I finally did.

Here it is…

What struck me as I went to do this was how much my pencilling has changed in seven years. Not only do I use colored pencils in the process, the drawing overall has gotten tighter.

Old 175 pencils versus new 175 pencils.

Carnivale: a Kit Kaleidoscope story

Now the second edition of Carnivale is not only available in print, but also in pdf format. You can get either version through Gumroad. The print edition is nice (and I prefer print personally), but the pdf is cheaper. $9.99 versus $19.95.

Now that Gumroad allows selling physical products, I’m doing everything through it to simplify things. I’ve added the appropriate links on the books page. You can also see everything I have for sale on Gumroad here: https://gumroad.com/nijomu

new second edition of Carnivale

Straight from the printer today, the new second editions of Carnivale are here!

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The changes from the previous edition are slight, but make it a better looking book. One, it’s bigger: 6×9 versus 5×8. The images fill out the pages more (I’m learning about book layout). And it finally has a spine. The difference that took a long time, though hardly anyone will notice, is that I swapped out the flat tones with scanned ink washes. It just gives the images a bit more texture. I was toying with this idea a long time ago and people advised me not to do it. But, slowly in spare moments, I did it anyway. I like the way it looks, even if it’s subtle.

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I’m taking the new editions to the APE, but they’ll also be available to buy from me here. Click on “Books” above.