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“Museum Piece” complete on Tapas

I finished the dream-inspired story I’ve been working on, “Museum Piece.” You can view the whole thing on Tapas.

Now I’m in that weird state between projects when I feel uncertain about everything in life. I just have to trust the process and keep moving forward.

Also, I’m getting close to putting together a collection of all these little pieces I’ve been working on since Carnivale. It’s going to be titled The Lost Cause of Poetry. Stay tuned.


Starting today, Carnivale: a Kit Kaleidoscope Story will be serialized weekly on Tabulit.

If you don’t know, Tabulit is an online comics reading subscription service. It works a bit like Netflix; you pay a monthly rate and can view all the stuff you want. The artists get a cut of the monthly subscriptions.

I serialized Carnivale here a few years ago. The version on Tabulit is basically the same, except I have updated all the tones. Instead of flat shading, I dropped in ink washes. Also, the full ending will be posted on Tabulit.